About Butt & Mughal Traders

Butt & Mughal Traders had been founded since 1st Feb 2016 to provide a competitive edge to the principals for the supply of their medicines at Lahore and its peripheries


We are supplying quality lifesaving drugs of RG Pharmaceutica (Pvt.) Ltd. & Medal Pharmaceuticals to the Retail Pharmacies, Drug whole-sellers and the Hospitals by strictly following the drug laws in the area of jurisdiction.

We are operating with a self-motivated team of experienced members that includes:

*       Seven orders’ collectors under the supervision of a Sales Manager.

*      Seven Deliverymen for scheduled supplies as per advance booking.

*      Two deliverymen to supply the instant or evening orders, only.

*      Six facilitators in the office i.e. Supply Manager, Office

Manager, Pharmacist, Store-keeper, Invoicer and finance Manager etc.

*      Three air-conditioned supply vans with drivers.

This team has been trained and given well-thought plan to make the drugs 
supply operation efficient by keeping the required temperature intact as per DRAP rules and regulations.

Butt & Mughal 




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